What  We  Do

Healing Kitchen is a Bay Area home-grown food business. We serve Afro-Vegan Plant-Based Cuisine made with sustainably grown and locally sourced ingredients.  Our unique menu includes tastes from the African Continent, the Caribbean Islands, Afro-Asia, Afro-Latin America and the American South East (New Afrika). When these culinary traditions come together the flavors are irresistible. Healing Kitchen makes space on our plates for all food lovers looking for a taste of savory, spicy and fresh.


Holistic health, education, collective ownership and community partnerships are a few of our core values.  We're dedicated to serving the needs of our clients and our community.  


Our Mission


We design delicious and nutritious meals & custom meal services to inspire healing, sustainability and positive change throughout the BAY AREA.

Kana Azhari​


Kana Azhari is the Executive Chef at Healing Kitchen.  Chef Azhari is a Bay Area native and is passionate about sharing her love for healthy food and lifestyle with her community.  She specializes in Afro-Vegan/ Plant-Based Cuisine.   As a vegan herself for over 11 years and self- taught vegetarian since the age of eight, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to plant-based living in the Bay Area and beyond.  Her culinary inspirations are Raw Vegan Cuisine, Jamaican Ital, COCONUT CURRIES, West African stews, New Afrikan Soul Food, East African collard greens, PLANTAIN, KALE, CAYENNE, Bay Area Farm Fresh produce, and her mother’s original Southern-inspired cooking style.  Kana is a La Cocina SF Entrepreneur, former Urban Farmer, and UC Santa Cruz Agroecology Alumni.



Plant-Based  Cuisine

HEALING KITCHEN’S Afro-Vegan Plant-Based Cuisine is a delicious & unique take on traditional cooking styles, recipes, ingredients, spices and flavors found throughout the African Diaspora**, and prepared with exciting blends of fresh produce, savory beans, nuts, seeds, sauces, and vegan proteins.​

Afro-Vegan Plant-Based Cuisine is a culinary journey across waters, cultures, and continents, bringing forward layers of flavor, tradition, and innovation.


**African Diaspora refers to concentrations of African/ Black people and cultural influences that exist on the African continent and throughout the world.




We're proud to announce that almost our entire menu is gluten free. Help us keep our meals inclusive and accessible by letting us know if you have ANY additional dietary needs or intolerances.

It's a Pleasure to Serve the Needs of Our Clients & Community!


Community  &  Grassroots  Organizations

We Support Community & Grassroots Organizations by providing up to 10% discount for all of our catering services and/or we’ll waive the delivery fee.  Contact us today to see if your organization qualifies.