Meal Prep Club

Wanna eat healthy delicious meals? Reduce your food spending? Increase your plant protein and get the most out of your fitness goals?

Meal Prep Club Might Be For You!!!

How Do I Join?


Step One: View Weekly Meal Prep Menu.  Looks delicious Right?!

Step Two: View our prices for members and non-members

Step Three: View Membership Options & Requirements

Step Four: Click the “Join Meal Prep Club” Button and complete membership form.


We’ll contact you to let you know that your spot has been reserved (space is limited).

Membership Options & Requirements

Meal Prep Club Membership

  • Unlimited Meal Prep Orders each week (minimum 5 meals per week)

  • Customization Options

  • Pay the Discounted Price per meal

  • One Monthly Meal Prep/Plan Consultation w/ Chef Kana

  • FREE Delivery in San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville and Berkeley


  • Provide Your Own Clean Reusable Containers to Store Your Weekly Meal Prep

  • Purchase One Month of Meal Prep Service

Individual Non-Member

  • Order up to 10 meals per week (minimum 5 meals per order)

  • Limited Customization Options

  • Healing Kitchen Provides Reusable Meal Prep Storage Containers

  • Pay the Non-Member Price per Meal

  • Pick-up and Delivery Options

Group Non- Member (Made for Co-Workers)

  • Order up to 100 meals per week (minimum order is 30 meals)

  • Limited Customization Options

  • We Provide Your Food Storage Containers

  • Pay the Group Non-Member Price per Meal  

  • FREE Delivery in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley or Emeryville

Pick-up and Delivery Options

FREE Pick-Up: Your meals will be packaged cold and available for pick-up.  

Pick-up in Berkeley @ Healing Kithen's Hot Food Stand at South Berkeley Farmers Market on 63rd St. and Adeline St. on Tuesdays 3pm-6pm

Delivery: We schedule Monday Deliveries in San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville or Berkeley.  Meal Prep Club Members and Groups have free delivery options.  Individual Non- Members pay $10 per delivery.


Call or text us (510) 356-7866 to confirm your delivery time & location before purchasing Meal Prep Delivery then  Pay Here (scroll to the bottom of the page)

Ordering & Payment Options

Members: Your orders are placed and purchased when you join Meal Prep Club.

Non-Members:   Pay Here (scroll to the bottom of the page)

All orders must be received 7 days prior to pick up or delivery.

Late orders will be scheduled for the following meal prep week.


Why Purchase a Meal Prep Service?

How much money did you spend last week on food?  Or just today even?  Many of our customers say they may easily spend $20 a day for a good meal.  Others say they waste hundreds of dollars worth of groceries because they don't have the time or energy to cook.  And the majority of our clients are simply looking for a convenient way to incorporate healthier food options into their diets.  


Why Healing Kitchen Meal Preps

We started our food service journey with catering services and health education workshops. Our clients and participants asked us to make Healing Kitchen’s dishes more accessible to them on a daily basis.  After several formal and informal requests by our community, we launched Meal Prep Club to create a long term and ongoing impact in the lives of those we love and serve.